The Basics

Juice cleanses have amazing benefits that go way beyond weight-loss. I'd suggest a three day cleanse because it's an easy way to reset your digestive system and boost your vitamin and mineral intake. The idea is to only consume cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices and avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol, and any solid foods to give your body a break and maximize results.

During a three day juice cleanse, you can expect to drink a juice every 2-3 hours, for a total of 5 juices in one day. It’s also recommended to drink plenty of water and herbal tea to keep you hydrated and alert (and to boost the detoxification process!).

Since it’s only three days, there is a greater chance you can complete it without cheating (like eating snacks or meals or drinking caffeine), so you can feel good about doing something great for your body!

It’s the perfect way to take the first step into the world of cleansing and get on track to a healthier, happier body, or to maintain the awesome benefits between longer cleanses.

You can do it yourself (DIY) or order for pick up!

Order a Ready-Made Package!

If you are located in the GTA, you can order a Three Day Juice Cleanse package, made to order.


Enjoy all the benefits, no mess, no headache! Super simple.

You will receive:

  • 15 (500mL each) fresh juices, five for each day.

  • pick up location is Caledon Village, Ont

  • receive $10 off your next order if you return your mason jars.


One Day Juice Cleanse option available for $80

Do It Yourself - Step by Step

1. Choose how many days you want to do your cleanse. If this is your first time, I suggest three days. If you're loving the progress after three days, you can keep going. Most juicing experts will recommend three to ten days. **Always get approval from your doctor before beginning a juice cleanse or detox program.


2. Make sure you have a good quality juicer. I recommend the Juice Master Professional by Carico. Click here to purchase one at a discounted price - payment plan available - 10 year warranty.

3. Choose three consecutive days that won't interfere with social events, health-care appointments (like massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, & other manual therapies), important work commitments, long distance travelling, etc.

4. Clean out your fridge. You are going to need a lot of space to store your fruits and veggies.

5. Go grocery shopping. I recommend shopping at wholesale stores like Costco for as many items as you can, then supplementing at other grocery stores for items you missed. Organic is always better, but you do what you can afford.

Check out the Grocery List here. This is ONE day on the cleanse. Make sure you x3 for a three day cleanse. 

6. Wash, prep and organize your fruits and veggies in your fridge to your liking.

7. Watch the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." This cleanse is a modification of the cleanse Joe did during the film. It's super inspiring and will set you up for success!

8. Follow these Recipes and try and drink the juices at the same time each day. These 5 juices will be the only food you consume for the three days, with the exception of lemon water in the morning, water throughout the day, raw veggies for dinner, and in an insufficient-calorie emergency - 1/2 cup wild rice with apple cider vinegar in the evening.

9. After your three day juice cleanse, I highly recommend transitioning into a healthy detox full of clean eating in order to avoid shock to your system. Your body will thank you for the juice cleanse, but continue the self love by continuing to detoxify your body, mind and soul.

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