Um, but where do you get your protein from?

The inspiration for this site started when I realized everyone always had the same questions about me and my vegan lifestyle.

"Wait, what? You're vegan?"


"Um, but where do you get your protein from?"

"How long have you been vegan?"

"So, you made your husband vegan too? That's not cool."

"How long are you going to partake in this diet/fad?"

"Do you mind if I eat my chicken in front of you?"

The list really goes on... And you know what? It's totally cool that people have questions. I suppose I am mysterious to some and probably annoying to others, but at the end of the day the questions are the same.

Guess what!? I'll answer them here! Woo! #technologysave

1. Wait, what? You're vegan?

Yes. Yes I am.

(we're off to a good start eh?)

2. "Why?"

It started off purely out of spite (I'll get to that in question 5). Then moved into health. Then into animal rights and finally for environmental reasons. Health, we all know how nutritious and essential plant based, whole foods are. I watched the docs "Forks Over Knives," "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead," and "Vegucated." Very convincing... :) I love a good documentary. I must note, I was only vegetarian at this point in time. A friend recommended I watch "Earthlings." It took me 5 hours, a box of Kleenex and DAYS to reduce the swelling in my eyes... oh and I immediately switched to a vegan lifestyle. This is where my animal rights, crazy PETA B came out in me. Watch out fur coats and hunters. I've got a bucket of red paint with your name on it. Kidding, that would be bad for the environment. Which brings me to my next doc. "Cowspiracy." My brother Thomas (shout out BRO), introduced me to this flick and I forgot about it. A year or two later I watched it. #Genius. Made me realize being a vegan is just smart. And ethical. AND good for my babes future of sustainability.

Why is there not a spell checker on this...

3. Um, but where do you get your protein from?

I gotta tell ya. This one is the trigger. You wanna see me get real frustrated...but try and cover it up with a smile and a laugh and a T-Swift shake it off, you go and ask me this question. But I'll just refer you back to this site, so just keep reading... You have two options for answers. Did you like language or science in school? For you English language lovers, let's infer. Remember those big A$& creatures that went extinct 100 million years ago. Remember how some of them survived only on plants. And remember how freaking massive and efficient they were? Okay you got a point. They are extinct. Hmmm... OK! What does a gorilla eat? Vegetables!! Plants! Not extinct. Moving onto Science class now.

What is Protein?

  • When most people think of protein they think of meat and muscles.

  • Most people don’t understand what protein is and how it serves our bodies.

  • Many foods contain protein, not just animal products. There is protein in almost every whole food you eat.

  • When you consume protein, the digestive juices in your stomach and intestine break down the protein into basic units, called amino acids.

  • The amino acids then can be reused to make the proteins your body needs to maintain muscles, bones, blood, body organs and your immune system.

  • Scientists have found many different amino acids in protein, but 22 of them are very important to human health.

Why do we need Protein in our diet?

  • Well, of those 22 amino acids, your body can only make 13 of them

  • The other 9 you have to get from eating protein-rich foods.

  • These 9 amino acids are called essential amino acids because it's essential that you get them from the foods you eat.

  • Not only is protein important for building muscle, it also plays a large part in carrying oxygen in your bloodstream through hemoglobin (which is a protein) as well as protecting your body from disease and building organs such as cardiac muscle - your heart!

Protein is a valuable source of energy that contributes to overall well-being. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that 10-15% of your diet should come from protein.

  • Popular and common sources of protein come from animal products, such as meat and dairy because they contain all 9 of the essential amino acids.

  • BUT most of these sources unfortunately have down falls:

  • bad cholesterol

  • saturated and trans fats

  • high sodium levels

  • hard to digest

  • cause bloating

  • little to no fibre

  • link to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer

  • Most vegetable protein is considered incomplete because it lacks one or more of the essential amino acids.

  • This is why with being vegan we eat a variety of different veggies and grains to get the proper balance of amino acids

Wake up!! Class is over.

So in conclusion - the short answer - I get my protein from veggies and grains. Whole foods be rockin.

4. How long have you been vegan?

Over 4 years.

5. So, you made your husband vegan too? That's not cool

Actually he started the whole thing. When Charles, my hubs, came home from a day with his sister, he had told me about an Oprah episode he watched. It was the one where she visits a slaughter house and in turn decided to go veg for a week. There was a part in the episode where after walking through and seeing what goes on in factory farms, a woman mentioned how it doesn't matter because she loves her burgers too much to give up meat. Long story short, that made us upset and we decided to give it a go and then never looked back! After really doing our research, it was harder to go back to eating meat/dairy then it was to give up,

6. How long are you going to partake in this diet/fad?

I can't make any promises, but if the resources are in my favour and ... okay I can't even finish this sentence really. Let's just say, this is most definitely not a fad or some diet that I am trying. It's a complete lifestyle overhaul. I have never felt more healthy, energetic and good about my mind, body and soul.

7. Do you mind if I eat my chicken in front of you?

Many vegans would mind. As a vegan on social media I feel like I HAVE to say I mind or I'll get kicked out of the club or something lol. If you want the honest truth tho, check out my next blog post.


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