And so it began...

I gained 48 lbs. My doctor had told me 25 lbs gained was average for someone my size. 48 lbs. I am no math genius but that's just less than half of my total body weight. Needless to say this was a lot for my frame.

Let's go back in time for a second. I was on a trip out East with my hubs and we had just found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I remember being in the hotel room, freaking out! We were so happy. We quickly came to terms that I now had the most precious gift living inside of me, feeding off everything I was doing and eating. We did research until 2 am. I remember laughing at some of the mommy blogs I came across. "HAHA - wow, why would you eat dill pickle chips," in my pre-mom judgmental tone. "They are so bad for you." "Doesn't she know the baby isn't getting any nutrients." I am pretty sure I used words like "disgusting" (mom's don't hate me - I learned my lesson).

Fast forward 7 months...

Yup - that's what unlimited cupcakes and Pad Thai will do to you! I literally ate my words - or I would have if I could. I was hungry all the time. And not just for all the healthy foods I promised that I would eat. OH no. All I wanted was junk food. I learned quickly not to judge anyone ever again - especially us rock star mammas out there.

And so it began. It was like my 'freshwoman' year in University all over again. Except this time I wasn't fresh and young. I couldn't grow abs while laughing with friends on a patio. Oh, and the time. Where was I supposed to find the time to workout with a newborn? How long was it going to take to heal after delivery? Is my body going to bounce back? Are those stretch marks there forever? Is my chest going to knock me out if I try and run? Can I even wear a sports bra while breast feeding? So many questions.

After giving birth I learned a few things. 1) I couldn't walk for 6 weeks let alone workout. 2) No, I couldn't run while breastfeeding - ouch. 3) No my body did not bounce back in a flash. 4) I threw away my stretched out sports bras AND 5) I didn't give a crap about what my body looked like because I had this AMAZING baby to take care of and he was my everything.

6) Months later, number 5 started to wear off and I really wanted to feel like my "old" self again lol Don't get me wrong. I still loved the monster that kept me up all night, but I wanted to get into some healthy routines and feel good about myself again! You know, a "Mama's Still Got It" mentality. ;)

And so it began. If I can't workout like a beast, then I knew I would have to change my diet. I also knew I was on a time crunch and the meals needed to be easy and quick.

I knew the 80/20 rule (80% diet/20% exercise) was a thing - but I didn't realize how big of a role diet plays in getting back to your ideal body weight. Eating clean, cutting processed sugars and foods was massive for me. I recorded everything that was working and everything that wasn't and created the Vfit Lifestyle Challenge (releasing summer 2016). Because I have an honours degree in Physical Education and Health, I was able to quickly sort through the non-sense research online and find really great resources for clean foods and balanced nutrition for weight-loss.

Then I decided to kick it up a notch! Detoxing and Cleansing has always been an expertise of mine and I wanted to create a simple, yet effective program that anyone could do. Hence the Vfit Detox Challenge (launched April, 2016). In our pilot group, all four ladies of different sizes lost between 15 and 30 lbs safely within 28 days! Amazing. Not only that, but they felt even better than they looked.

As for me, I dropped all my baby weight in the first four months post birth and have been focusing more on gaining muscle tone. I attribute my success 100% to this program and have worked so hard to make it work for many others. I do understand we are all different, which is why there is unlimited consults after joining one of the challenges. I'll be able to customize a plan that works for you!

It's definitely a work in progress, with a Vfit 28 Day Vegan Challenge coming toward the end of the year.

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