Vfit7Max - My Snap Story

Posting the, full 16 minutes or so, story on here has got me pumped for the official launch of the Vfit7Max launch on August 22, 2016.

What I learned:

- I can do anything I put my mind to

- waking up early is only hard for the first couple days

- 7 days is enough time to begin amazing lifestyle habits

- 7 days is enough time to press the sugar restart button - kick those cravings!!

- 7 days without wine is not fun...

- most importantly I learned that I am capable of doing A LOT in just 7 days.

Did I transform my body?!

Of course I did! I mean, I didn't turn into a lean, green, weightlifting machine or anything. I wasn't ready for a fitness competition, but damn I felt GOOD. It's funny how the second you start treating your body with respect, you begin to SEE yourself in a whole new light. I began by healing myself on the inside and in a matter of a couple days, I was looking in the mirror and seeing a new, healthier looking me. A me that felt like me. A me that I was proud of. That, is what matters.

You think you have what it takes?

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