Keto Kitchen: Meal prep on a budget!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

To save time and money with meal prepping, you can do what I like to call a "half and half". You can buy something pre-made, add other ingredients to make a much bigger amount! Recently, for example, I bought two pre-made salads from the grocery store that were on sale. I did this the same week that I knew a bag of pre-washed romaine lettuce was also on sale! I split them all up, added my own ham and boiled eggs (that I had bought for $1.99/dozen at shoppers) and ended with with 5 full salads and leftovers for dinner! Food costs are rising but there are always ways to get deals if you keep your eyes opened! Check out your weekly flyers or get yourself the Flipp app!

Keto on a Budget Salad, just add your own Keto friendly dressing!

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