What's this VFit detox thing?

You may have heard about VFit, the vibrance and freedom you can achieve from learning this kind of lifestyle, or maybe you're new to our team and want to learn more!

Either way, I wanted to take the time today to tell you all about our mission statement, walk you through our challenges and explain to you why these programs are so different than anything else you’ve ever tried.

VFit believes that when you nourish and love yourself, you gain synchronicity with your body. You can experience the pleasures in life guilt-free. We have a whole-person approach to giving you the health success you are looking for. We are not a quick-fix or a bandaid solution. Our approach is mental, physical, emotional and cognitive. We respect and care for the whole person.

We coach via social media, communities that we’ve built as well as 1 on 1 phone calls or texts. Our challenges are 30 days and the plans are simple to follow. We coach you every step of the way and provide you with the resources to take a hard look at all aspects of your life that may be affecting your health. We want you to leave our 30 day challenge with the knowledge to lead and live a healthy lifestyle, so that you’re not dependent on our program anymore. With that being said, we are all human and if you ever feel like you need another push, we are always here to help you get back on track with another 30 day challenge.

VFit is on the verge of expanding as all of our coaches have a massive vision for this movement.

Currently we offer several different nutritional and fitness challenges, some are free when you subscribe to the site, and some are paid programs starting at $49.90. Over the next year, we will have diverse fitness options and even more nutritional options - geared toward every health & wellness goal you could imagine.

Our most popular challenge right now is the VFit 30 Day Detox. We use the word detox because you are eliminating any and all toxic forms of foods or substances from your body. Our detox involves eating real food and supplementing for proper nutrition. This is not a fad diet. We are not limiting carbohydrates or even counting calories. This is not your lemon/cayenne water type of liquid detox, or even the type of detox that suggests consuming only purchased supplements.

We are more so focusing on what goes INTO your body - fuelling it with the proper and nutrient rich, caloric food. We teach you about the foods that really fuel your body with energy, promote good gut health, and feed your brain as well as every single cell in your body. Going back to what I said about nourishing the whole person, we also teach you how create a healthy relationship with food again so that you can indulge without feeling guilty.

Once you choose your program, you will have the option to build your own meal plan or use the most popular menus as a standard. Meal plans were built for busy people and are flexible enough to feed your entire family. The food is filling and delicious - that’s usually the first thing people will say after the first couple of days. If you don’t like a meal, you can swap it with another and the same goes for ingredients. We have an entire ingredients substitution list. Each week comes with it’s own affordable grocery list that mobile friendly, with a printable option as well. Although we suggest keeping your snacking to a minimum to ensure proper digestion cycles, we do provide a snack list with a ton of options.

You will have access to a large community of people who have gone through, or are currently participating in the 30 day detox. This Facebook group is a great tool for staying accountable and sharing your success stories and challenges. Like I said previously, you will also be coached 1 on 1 by your VFit coach. He or she will set goals with you and be involved in your journey from start to finish. You can establish boundaries with your coach as to how often you want check ins, whether it be daily, weekly or something that suits your schedule.

For more information on packages and how to order, watch the end of the video posted above or go to www.iwannavfit.com/packages

Shauna Myton

CEO & Founder of IWannaVFit

Executive District Manager - Arbonne International



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