Quinoa Buddah Bowl

Busy Bee Tip...

Prepare all ingredients in bulk at the beginning of the week and use a ready-made organic dressing.


Make two cups of Quinoa (4 cups water - add 1 tbsp of coconut oil to keep the quinoa fresh during the week) and store in the fridge.


Throw together a quick salad each day of the week, or divide in containers for on the go lunches.


Add ingredients to a wrap for a delicious snack!


1/2 cup Quinoa

4 cups chopped Romain Lettuse

1 cup chopped Cucumber

1/2 cup organic Dried Cranberries

sprinkle sliced Raw Almonds


Salad Dressing:

1/3 cup olive oil

1/3 cup balsamic vinegar

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 shallot minced

1 clove minced garlic

salt and pepper to taste



- boil 1 cup water and add Quinoa

- turn stove to low, cover and cook for 25 minutes

- toss remaining ingredients in a salad bowl

- combine all dressing ingredients in a separate bowl

- divide salad into 2 bowls, add quinoa to each and pour dressing on top


Serves two!


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