"For someone who does not have much weight to lose I managed to lose 5 lbs and my lower stomach area flattened out immensely. Through this challenge and my own personal workout plan I have noticed drastic changes, not just the way I look, but the way I feel. Looking forward to continue this healthy lifestyle!"


"I was always considered skinny growing up and then I hit 40. Being in my 40's is no picnic. It feels like my body no longer responds to me. I can gain wait very easily but all the attempts I had tried to lose the weight failed. I was over weight, my clothes didn't fit, I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and I hated what I looked like in pictures. Then along came my shining light, Shauna and the Vfit 28 Day Group Detox. Simply changing what I ate for 28 days and giving my body healthy and delicious foods rocked my world. As of today (day 25) I have lost 16 pounds! My clothes fit better, there is less jiggle when I walk, I feel more confident, I am cooking more, I am eating delicious healthy food, my cravings for chocolate have diminished, and I am less bloated. Overall, I am happier, healthier and looking forward to continuing this journey I started nearly 28 days ago. I look forward to finishing off my 40's a whole lot healthier then I started them. Thank you Shauna!"


"When I started this challenge, I wanted a big kickstart into a healthier lifestyle. I chose Vfit because I’ve heard great things and have friends who had great results. The support and new recipes helped to solve my problems. The products they recommend really set them a part from other programs. I loved the social media posts, comments and the community they have built. The Vfit coaches really helped me stay on track. You need to try the Cashew Chicken dish! It's delicious."


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